Minecraft Top Cracked Server List

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I found the best minecraft cracked server’s. In my opinion these are the best.
The website link:
Another server is now available (new). They came here to this video and in the comment they gave their server link, website and discord link, so, to help them grow I am putting their links here.
Server IP. play.trcnetwork.net
List of the servers mentioned in the video,
1. Herobrine.org
2. bedwars.games
3. top.jartex.fun
4. top.pika.host
5. hd.play-ml.ru
6. mc.cosmicmc.net
Copy them one at a time and paste them in the multiplayer like me in the video.
The other Video link:

The video was delayed because my laptop monitor was broken, so I had to edit the video on my parents TV. Please support me by clicking the ad link below(This is a Srinkearn ad link) this will give me some per money 1000 clicks to fix my laptop.
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My Other Videos,
Download Minecraft with T-Launcher:
Optifine For Minecraft 1.15.2:
Hotspot Shield VPN PRO:
Minecraft Free Cracked Server Hosting Website:

0:24-Add Servers
0:44-No.1 Herobrine.org
2:58-No.2 Bedwars game/Blockdrop Network
7:20-No.3 Jartex Network
10:51-No.4 Pica Network
11:24-No.5 Mineland Network
14:41-No.6 Cosmic Craft
16:03-Minecraft Lan world creating

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