CLASSIC Madness Project Nexus Tips and Tricks Plus Gameplay After

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DISCLAIMER: This is not 14 Minutes of Tips And Tricks a good amount of the video is gameplay so apologies if I mislead you.

Been a while since I’ve done some real editing in a video.

With the new version of MPN coming out soon I wanted to make this video remembering where it started.

Another Tip I didn’t mention in the video is when you use a pistol, you can change the rate of fire just by simply taking a step after shooting a shot. You will shoot slightly faster without the perk upgrade.

This video was made close to Madness Day too so Happy Madness Day in advance.

If you want to play the Classic and somehow don’t know where to find it here it is:

I’ll probably make another Tip video when the next version comes out.

Tips And Tricks: (0:00)
Round 16: (4:10)
Round 17: (5:00)
Round 18 (Fists Only): (7:30)
Round 19 (Cane Until Broken): (9:50)
Final Round (Axe): (11:55)

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